Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Rose Byrne: Style File

This Aussie girl has been getting around this summer! We thought that a woman who is in two of the top grossing movies of the summer deserved a spotlight, don't ya think? Whether she is saving the world in X-Men First Class or being the worst/best bridesmaid in Bridesmaids she does it all with class and beauty. Here is a collection of a few of our favorite looks from her.

I'm loving her with bangs! So chic.

Some many different styles here, but all elegant!

Loving this color. It is one of my favorites! Elegant and edgy; perfection. If mustard is your color for the summer check out our Saturday Night Fever Dress.

We were super excited when doing our pictorials to find Rose in couple of styles that resembled dresses we have here at Threadcase. Check them out below!

If you want a summery version of this accordion style dress check out our taupe and white polka dot Southern Charmer Dress

Loving this 50's housewife look? Check out our Daydream Dress.

Hope you all enjoyed our Rose Byrne:Style File! Remember you don't have to be a celebrity to have people admire your style. Be yourself, take chances, be confident and people will take notice :)

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Wore my new Threadcase dress- love it. Thanks! :)


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