Wednesday, August 31, 2011

DIY - Ham & Tomato Frittata

Hi all! Hope you didn't miss us too much yesterday. I had to deal with being stranded in a parking lot, towing my car to the dealership and spending WAYYYY too much money to get it fixed, and unfortunately I just forgot all together to write a blog. But never fear, I'm back today with a yummy post to make up for yesterday!

Seeing as how today would surely be less hectic than yesterday's debacle, I decided to treat Byron and myself to a nice frittata breakfast. Now I've never had a frittata, let alone actually made one, and although there were a few things I would change (which I'll explain later), I'm pretty proud how this turned out! 

I started out looking for a recipe to follow, and I landed on this one from Picky Palate

I thought it looked perfect and very simple to make using things I already had on hand. It actually calls for eggs, cheddar cheese, ham, onion, sweet pepper, and parsley but unfortunately I didn't have peppers or parsley so I substituted in some tomatoes. Next time I will definitely make sure to have some peppers to throw in there, I'm thinking some bell peppers would be delicious!

You start by sauteeing your ham, onion, and other vegetable (in my case tomatoes) in a skillet. P.S. I would show you guys my own step by step pictures but unfortunately Byron didn't show up with the camera until I was just ready to pull it out of the oven, so I'll just have to show you with the Picky Palate's pictures. It's probably for the best as their pictures are AMAZING! :)

Then you whisk together your eggs, salt, pepper, and milk, pour them into the skillet, and look them cook for a few minutes.

After the eggs have cooked up just a bit, cover them in your cheese and pop your pan into the oven under the broiler!

Now just keep an eye on it. It will puff up in the pan just a bit and you want it in there long enough just to get the cheese melted, not burnt. Once you like the look of it, pull it out and you're done!

Mine came out a little thinner than I'd like, so next time I'll make sure to use a smaller pan. Or, I even may try skipping the whole skillet step and baking the entire dish in the oven like this recipe over at For The Love of Cooking. I also think it would have been better with a different cheese than cheddar. I was thinking maybe Pepper Jack or Colby Jack. And I think the peppers would have brought it up another notch, so I will definitely make sure to have those for next time. But all-in-all for a basic frittata with things I had on hand, I would say it was a very good first frittata experience!

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This looks awesome! I'm definitely going to give it a shot. Thanks!

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