Thursday, January 19, 2012

Oxfords - Not your school shoes anymore...

One of my favorite trends that was rampant this fall was the oxford. My how I love the oxfords! If you are like me and went to any sort of private school growing up, you hated these shoes. But not any more, there are so many different variations and they all so adorable. All I can hope is that they continue into the spring/summer with colored versions of this wonderful new trend. Maybe even some lace or prints, um yes please ;)

So cute with little socks!

Oxfords with heels and tights, oh yea!

Sienna Miller, bare legged and ready for the warm weather. Perfection.

Tri-colored, anyone?

My personal favorite, LOVE THESE!! I need some glitter in my life, don't you?

Hope you all have happy feet after seeing all these wonderful shoes! Happy Thursday ;)


Srsly Liz said...

I have been on the hunt for the perfect Oxfords {I've yet to find them} but I agree, totally love this trend.

Moon Child said...

I really loved the oxford too - think it's the one show I somehow didn't add to my collection though! Inspired to get a pair finally! X

threadcase said...

Liz- I understand, I'm still on the hunt for the perfect ones myself ;)

Moonchild- I'm so glad we could be an inspiration! Send a pic of your new kicks when you get them :)

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