Thursday, May 26, 2011

Say hello to Eli!

Here at Threadcase we have a very important member of the family that you have yet to be introduced to. His name is Eli. Our legal name is Eli Jenkins LLC, named after this special little one. He is with us every day, watching us work on all the ins and outs of this company. 
In fact he is sleeping next to me as I type this very blog :) 

This is my baby. Isn't he just the cutest thing? 

Eli says "hello" to all of our readers! Here are a few of his favorite things:

  • He loves yogurt. When he was little he was weaned to soon from his mom and I had to feed him yogurt through a syringe so he would eat. As soon as he hears you scraping the bottom of the yogurt cup he comes and sits at your feet.
  • He loves naps with his mommy.
  • He loves squirrels. We have a few that play in the yard that he watches from the window and whines. Poor thing doesn't understand why he can't play with them :(
  • He hates thunder, he always hides under the bed.
  • He is a shorkie, a shitzu and yorkie. 
  • He doesn't mind wearing a sweater but the only he likes is his Auburn University one, as seen in the pictures. 
  • He didn't have a proper name for about 2 weeks, until my grandpa told a story about when he was in the Navy, during the war, they would all have alias' for when they got off the ship and his was Dr. Eli J. Cutter. And so he was named Eli Jenkins because of that story!

I hope that ya'll enjoyed getting to meet the cutest member of this operation. And we hope you know that your orders are packed with love from all of us at here Threadcase :)

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