Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Start of a Beautiful Journey

Here's a look behind the scenes of our newest photo shoot! Noelle Blanchard, Robyn Bazar of Bazar Photography, and I roamed Southern Louisiana for the perfect locations. We aimed for vintage, old southern, and a touch of modern.

 Before we begin, let us introduce ourselves. This is our lovely photographer, Robyn Bazar of Bazar Photography (my first cousin and best friend)! She's full of spunk, romanticism, and creativity. 

Here are the models for this shoot, Noelle Blanchard and Alexis Miller (myself, the shorter one)! We've been best friends since before I can remember, so being involved in the journey of Threadcase together is very exciting for both of us!

The owners of Threadcase gave me creative reign on this photo shoot since we'd be doing it in my home state, and I, very eager to be involved, joined the Threadcase family and took on the opportunity with open arms. I love fashion and photography so I knew this would be amazing. And it was! I had a blast and am very excited to be on this beautiful journey with Threadcase!

 Our first location was EXACTLY what we were looking for. The old house's front porch was ideal for the southern look we were going for, and the barn and the small studio were perfectly vintage.

This abandoned house was quite the adventure! The walls were decaying and the floorboards were hardly fit for walking on, but we were hard-workers, so we made it happen! I'd like to imagine that this house was once very cozy and inviting.

 The walls of this abandoned house with its deteriorating wallpaper made for beautiful pictures! Our photographer says her favorite style to shoot is "beauty in decay." These walls made this possible and it turned out lovely!

Our next stop was downtown Lafayette, Louisiana. We decided that it would be too much trouble to haul all of the clothes and accessories from place to place, so we just changed in my car...
 Three girls, 20 changes of clothes, boxes of accessories and one VW Bug makes for very sweaty and crammed outfit swaps.
But hey, we didn't mind! Clothes and photography are what we all love, so nothing really gets in our way when we've got that and creative processes flowing ;)

Our photographer has this one spot she loves. It's a school bus next to railroad tracks. We spent a lot of time here. The tracks were vintage, the field was summery and beautiful and that school bus was just so fun.

We finished off the day cruising to old songs we all love, eating Mexican food, and laughing at everything and nothing in particular.
I'd say the journey of Threadcase has started out wonderfully.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

these behind the scenes shots are so fun and magical. just discovered your new shop and blog! seriously so gorgeous!! glad to have found you :)

threadcase said...

thank you ilene, we are glad you found us too! and thank you for your wonderful compliments, we appreciate it :)

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