Monday, June 6, 2011

Music Mondays

It's Monday and it's gloomy outside, but here at Threadcase it isn't gloomy at all. It's Music Monday and while most Monday's are spent in search of new music to make it through our day at the office, this Monday had something else in store all together! While it did involve music, we were on a long hard search to learn something new and challenging that would stretch us as people.....we wanted to learn how to dance the jerk. So for a better part of an hour we tried, some of us more successful than others, but none the less we tried! We got a pretty good workout in as well; I think I could get used to this cardio in the office kinda working out ;) I have linked the video below for you learn it too! Try it; learn how to do the jerk, reject and the dip and let us know how much fun you had! And if you are anything like us you will follow the rabbit hole and learn the dougie and the spongebob too. Remember it's not how good you are but how much fun you have!!

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