Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Friendship Shared

Picture c/o Honestly WTF

Here at Threadcase we've been obsessing over friendship bracelets. Remember in in middle school you'd tape the string to your desk and by the end of class period you'd have cool bracelet? Man those were the days, weren't they? While middle school days may be over, who says we can't still embrace things that take us back to those times. Over the last few weeks I've seen many bloggers posting up tutorials and while we could have made our own, theirs were so great we just decided to pass them along :)

Picture c/o Honestly WTF

To view the tutorial for a basic friendship bracelet click here and make sure to go and cruise around the cool site as well. 

Another cool thing from Erica over at Honestly WTF is a tutorial for a chain friendship bracelet. Seriously people this is so cool, I wish I woulda thought of it! 

Picture c/o Honestly WTF

How cool is this? 

Picture c/o Honestly WTF

To view the tutorial for a chain woven friendship bracelet click here

If you are as obsessed with these things as we are here a few more site you can visit that give a creative spin to a friendship bracelet!

These are just so much fun! I hope this inspires you to break out some thread and get creative. We'd love for you to send us so photos of the creative things you do! Send them to

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