Wednesday, August 17, 2011

DIY: The Elvis Sandwich

It's Elvis week here at Threadcase so what better DIY to do than the famous Elvis Sandwich, peanut butter, bananas and bacon. I know that many of you may not have heard about using the bacon, but I researched a little bit and according to a quote from Elvis' mother Gladys she would make him peanut butter, banana and crispy bacon sandwiches all the time. Of course, being an avid Elvis fan I had to try them. 

First step, buy the ingredients. You'll need bread, peanut butter, banana, butter and bacon.

Step two: Fry up some bacon. (For those of you who aren't southern and don't know better, don't throw away that bacon grease, you'll need it later!)

Step three: Slice up the banana. We originally used one banana per sandwich, which we thought was too much. I'd suggest half a banana per sandwich.

Step four: Butter the bread, just a light layer spread across the two slices.(A side note, the butter can be optional, we just added it for more flavor.)

Step five: Spread on the peanut butter. We put a thin layer on both sides but that is up to you how much PB you like.

Step six: Layer on the banana slices and bacon, we used about three slices of bacon per sandwich and a whole banana. In hindsight I think you should use half a banana sliced so that it's only on one side of the sandwich and four pieces of bacon. 

Step seven: Put that baby together and throw it in that fryin' pan. We are gonna cook it in bacon grease!

Step eight: Wait a min or so and flip. Cook until golden brown, just like you would a grill cheese. Then ENJOY!

I have to be honest and say it was not my favorite thing, but that's because I don't really like peanut butter or bananas all that much. Byron, on the other hand did like it and ate his whole sandwich. But I had a great time trying something that the King himself loved so much. I hope that some of you will try it and let us know your thoughts on this famous sandwich! Happy Wednesday :) 


Al said...

Great post! I'm not sure if I would like this combo though :) RIP Elvis.

threadcase said...

Yea its definitely an interesting combo, but worth a try since it's so easy to make and with ingredients I usually already have.

Miss Kait said...

I just want the bacon!! haha

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