Thursday, August 18, 2011

Style File: Elvis thru the Years

Well our Elvis week is getting closer to the end. Every week we try to do a style post and who is more deserving of a style file than The King? Way before Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, and Elton John made their outrageous fashion choices Elvis was blazing the trail for uncommon fashion attire for his day. 

Elvis: The 50's
Pink was definitely not a color worn by many men in the 50's, until he came along.
Elvis with Lansky, the owner of a clothier in Memphis where Elvis got most of his fashion forward clothes.
On a movie set, casual and cool. 
And who could forget his Army days, don't you just love him in this uniform!

Elvis: The 60s
In the 60's he got a little more tailored looking.
Looking so dapper for the red carpet.
Even sporting the nautical look
 Black and red were his new colors in the 60's, having traded in the pink for red.
And my personal favorite Elvis look of all time, the all black leather 68' Comeback Special outfit.

Elvis: The 70's 
The hair got longer and the chops got bigger. Still rocking colored shirts though.
The shirts started getting more and more unbuttoned. This picture was actually taken in my hometown in 1976 in Mobile, AL. so of course I had to put it up!
Vegas style baby! So outrageous, even in the 70's.
In his last days all anyone saw him in was these jumpsuits. Colored with rhinestone and embellishments galore, sometimes they even had a cape attached. While I have to admit, it's not my favorite Elvis era, it is undoubtably his most recognized. 

Elvis' image is one of the most recognizable images in all the world, so much so that in 1984, he made history again from the grave; in a Tennessee court Elvis' name and likeness were trademarked. No matter what era of his carrer he was in, he was always pushing the envelope in music and in style. There are many impersonators but there is only one original. 

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