Friday, August 19, 2011

Loving Friday

Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday! Yep, that just happened. LOL. Hope everybody is having an awesome day and is ready for the weekend. Anybody have any good plans? I'm looking forward to dinner with some friends tonight and then just relaxing for a couple of days. It's always nice to have a lazy weekend every now and then just to unwind from all the craziness of the week.

Anyways, onto the Friday Loving list!

1. Wilfred.  I just started watching this show this week and absolutely LOVE it. It's more of a dark humor show as opposed to a normal comedy but I find it hilarious.

Source: via Jilly on Pinterest

2. Delivering Happiness. I'm about halfway through this book written by the CEO of Zappos about his journey with the company. It's a very interesting and inspiring read for those of you who are interested in these sorts of things.

3. Deep dish cookies like these from A CUP OF JO. Don't they look absolutely AMAZING?! They are definitely being made this weekend.

Source: A CUP OF JO

4. Magner's Cider. I LOVE this stuff and tonight I'm going to the only restaurant in town that has it on tap. YUM :) I also came across a picture of cider donuts when I was looking for this picture. They look crazy good and I must try them!

5. Elvis. Ofcourse I couldn't have a whole week dedidcated to the King and not mention him here.

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