Wednesday, August 24, 2011

DIY: Light of Filters

Summer season is winding down, and as much as we don't want to see it go, the cool fall weather is always welcome here in the South. So what happens with all of those fun summer outdoorsy things we accumulate? It's quite common to see the paper lanterns and lights hanging on porches and patios in the summer but what happens after the bbq's and summer parties have ended? You could pack them away in a closet till next summer OR you can make this gorgeous light fixture I found by Nichole on her blog Parlour. She is an interior designer in New York City and her blog is great!
How amazing is this light? Just wait till you see how to make it below. So simple!

Starts with a paper lantern, hers is large because where she is hanging it, but you can choose any size. 

And yes, this is the correct picture, she made is with coffee filters and lots of them. 

She says its less about crumpling the filter and more about getting them close together. Gluing the bottom of the filter to the lantern (kinda like a flower).

Looking good, almost done.

Another view of the finished light in the room. Awesome!

I hope some of you find this inspiring and you use some lanterns you have or take advantage of the summer sales and buy a couple on sale and try this at your house! How adorable would this be in a nursery? You could dye the filters light pink or baby blue? Make sure and send us some pictures, we'd love to see them :)

To view the whole blog DIY from Nichole go here. All pictures are taken from the Parlour blog. 

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