Thursday, August 25, 2011

Style File: Mustard

If there's one color I'm completely obsessed with as of late, it's mustard and fortunately for me you can find it everywhere these days.  Not just yellow, mustard yellow. It's so warm but vibrant at the same time. It can warm up a cool color or add a perfect pop of color to any neutral. I love it in clothes, I love it in design, I love it in accessories. And what I especially love is to see mustard done right. Of course, I had to find you some examples, so enjoy the mustard scenery :)

Vintage collection of mustard, you can't beat it!

Lovely ladies showing how to wear this wonderful color.

I'm in love with this whole picture, the bike, the coat and the tights!

Miss Sydney from The Daybook doing it right as usual, loving the simplicity and moderness of this outfit

This collection is amazing, love every image. Esp. the couch and wire lights. 

So perfect! Mustard velvet, doesn't get much better.

So cute :)

If you've jumped on the mustard train with me then check out some of our mustard items I'm in love with 

here at Threadcase.

And COMING SOON, next week, this amazing jacket! I can't wait :)

Hope you all enjoyed following the yellow brick road. So go and add some spice to your life and some

mustard to your wardrobe!


Chelseabird said...

Oh my goodness, that jacket is SO adorable! Perfect for fall!

Maryam Fortuna said...

I am also drawn to mustard, I think it's the bit of mustard i have in my eye color, ha! I love it with some navy and gold. And that jacket is the bees knees!


Kasey said...

Love the color mustard. What an adorable jacket.

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