Thursday, August 4, 2011

From a desk to a drink...

So, ever have it happen where you get off work and some friends or someone special wants you to meet them for drinks or dinner but there's no time to go home and change, and you just feel blah, boring and plain? So you hesitate because of your work attire. Check out this simple outfit switch that can turn your office appropriate outfit into fun appropriate outfit. 
Our Shaken not Stirred Skirt paired with our Freeing Black Tank both of which are really good basics and super versatile. Add some prim and proper to them with black and white peep toe bow heels an aqua cardigan and medallion necklace (Silver Medallion Necklace), perfect for a day at the office.

Easily transition these pieces in to a night out! These simple additions are easily kept in your car or office drawer for a quick change-a-roo!
Same basic outfit, just with different accents. Different, a little more sexy heels, chunky cuff bracelet (Gladiator Cuff) and skinny neon belt.

Never hesitate anymore to say "YES, I'd love to go out tonight!" Feel confident and sexy and ready for a night out no matter what day it is. More than anything, have some fun and let your hair down!

We'd love to see some of your work to night change-ups! Send em on over to

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