Friday, August 12, 2011

Living and Loving for the Weekend

YAY! It's finally Friday! And, as most of you probably are, I'm so glad that the weekend is finally here. To wrap up the week, how about another Friday Love post... except instead of what I've been loving for the week, I'm gonna do what I'm loving for the weekend! Enjoy :)

1. Baby Bee. Joe & David Stark formally of Sons of William are totally awesome in their newest music project and I can't wait to see them live tonight! Check them out on their Facebook page. I love the two songs they have posted!

2. Danny McBride & Aziz Ansari. These are two of my favorite comedic actors out right now and their new movie 30 Minutes or Less just came out today. I can't wait to see it. Tom Haverford from Parks & Recreation and Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down are two of the most hilarious TV characters there are IMO and I can't wait to see the two together.

3. Birthdays. This weekend I get the pleasure of celebrating not one but TWO of my friends birthdays. I love getting to celebrate another year of my friends lives as well as another year of our journey as friends. Tonights party involves Baby Bee that I mentioned earlier, and tomorrow I get to try out a restaurant that I've never been to. It's called Camellia Cafe in Fairhope, AL and I've heard that it's awesome. SO EXCITED.


4. Sunday Brunch. A local pub does Sunday brunch with cream cheese and berry stuffed French toast and bottomless mimosas. YES PLEASE

5. Sunday Dinner. I have a weekly tradition with several of my good friends where we all get together on Sunday nights and cook a nice big meal and watch our favorite shows on HBO: True Blood and Entourage. It's totally great, these people are more like family than friends and it's awesome to be able to get everyone together to hang out and enjoy each others company. Plus, "have you ever watched Sunday night programming on HBO? It's spectacular!" (Paul Rudd in I Love You Man reference incase you were wondering.) I'm thinking about trying chicken alfredo this week, anybody have a good recipe?

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