Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Yarning Letters

Hello Everybody!! Hope you are all having a wonderful Wednesday. We try our best to set aside one day in our busy Threadcase schedules just to be creative, it's hard sometimes, but it is always worth it. I wanted to share with you a quick DIY I did that's super cute! I took a regular craft store letter and turned into something special. I just love it!
Isn't it awesome? And so easy to do. I have step by step for you below :)

First thing, your shopping list. Pictured below:
From you local craft store get your choice of a letter (I picked B bc both of my initials are B)
Your pick of yarn, the choice of your yarn will determine the look of your letter .
And glue. I used clear Gorilla glue bc that's what I had, but you can you use fabric glue, hot glue, etc.
And lastly, scissors.

And now for the instructions:

1. Turn letter over to backside and glue the end of the yarn to the top part of the letter. Depending on what letter you have may change where you start your yarn. I'd say start at the place you can get the most yarn on the easiest. For me, I started on the straight part of the B.
2. Let the glue dry a min, and then start wrapping. Keep the yarn taut, making sure the yarn is as close together as you can get it.

3. Keep going wrapping the letter, when you get to a curve like I did at the top part of the B it is much easier to pull a bunch of yarn away from the ball and cut it. If you didn't cut enough, just tie a new string onto the end of the other one on the backside (no one will see it, it will be fine), and keep going.

4. And wrap and wrap and wrap. I did all the curves first and then came back to the middle, it seemed to be the easiest. 
5. Then I wrapped the middle, you can either glue it to start a new string or tie it onto another one on the back of the letter. 
6. Last step I had to wrap the two end pieces. This time I glued a new string down, wrapped and tied it off onto one of the other yarn strings. 
And voila', fineto. 
Now that you are finished you can add any details you want. I choose to leave mine plain because of the detailed yarn I picked. But you can add a cluster of buttons, or brooches or ribbon flowers. You can also add a quick ribbon to the back to hang it with, or a leather strap, just be creative. 

Hope ya'll try this at home it was cheap and super easy! Send us some pics if you do :) 



Kasey said...

I love this! So cute. I will have to try it.

threadcase said...

Yes it's so cute and super easy. Maybe we can make some for a nursery one day ;)

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