Wednesday, September 7, 2011

DIY: Embroidery Hoops

So who would've ever thought that those embroidery hoops you used to see your mom or grandma using for cross-stitch could be used for anything fresh and cool? When I found this blog post on 25 things you can do with embroidery hoops, I had to pass it along to ya'll.

Fabric embroidery hoops! How genius for wall art. 

Personalize your wall art! How cute it this?

Embroidery hoops with doilies. So awesome, you could dye the doilies and make them whatever color.

Chalk board embroidery hoop. Love it!

Wooden clothes pin embroidery hoop wreath. You could even paint or stain the clothes pins.

Embroidery hoop clock made with buttons. Adorable.

Ribbon pendant, perfect for any party or a little girls room. via CAKE.

Embroidery hoop table number made from buttons. So unique!

Embroidery hoop mobile. Perfect for any nursey! 

Okay so to all of you who are creative and DIYers get to figuring out how we can make these ourselves (there were no tutorials with the pics :( ) To view all of the 25 creative uses pictures visit here. Hope you all are having a happy and wonderful Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

These are so cute, I especially love the idea of using hoops as table number markers!!

kate @ let's go. said...

I love embroidery hoops!

And I'm your newest follower. :)

Cake. said...

the ribbon pendant project was created for my daughter's 1st birthday. i'd appreciate if you'd offer credit back to my blog. tks!

threadcase said...

Got you linked! I originally found it on so I just linked it to there. Love your blog!

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