Thursday, September 15, 2011

DIY- Fall Cleaning

So over the last few days we've been cleaning house, and by cleaning house I mean, de-cluttering, organizing and de-dusting one room at a time. I have to say there is something invigorating about tearing your house apart room by room and putting it back together. It's so refreshing to de-clutter your life. Over the years we all seem to "collect" things, don't we? So much so that our "things" begin to take over and determine how we live in our space. But over the last few weeks I've really been pondering simplifying my life. Only having things that make me happy or serve a purpose. If it makes me happy and I can put it somewhere in the house where I can enjoy it, it stays, if not, it goes. Sounds simple right, but why is it so hard? Because none of us like letting go. Here are some helpful hints to organize, de-clutter and simplify your haven.

1. Get creative in how you use or display things. Got a lot of artwork, don't hide them under the bed or in closet, make a wall of it. They don't all have to match, chances are if you've collected them they have a common theme. Artfully arrange them on a wall above the couch, up the stairs, down a hall way.

Got alot of books or little whatnots? Arrange a bookshelf. Turn some books sideways, stack 3 or 4 and add a few whatnots atop them. It looks awesome and you kill two birds with one stone!

2. Just because it's sentimental to you doesn't mean you have to keep everything, the memory is more important than the item. Say it with me, "the memory is more important than the item." If your grandma gives you her collection of teapots, you don't have to keep them all. Guess what, if they are in a box in the back of the closet they don't mean that much to you anyways. Take 5 or 6 of your favorite and display them and part with the rest. You do her and the items a greater honor by displaying and enjoying some of them.

Got small items, consider a shadowbox or vintage printing tray to hang them for display.

3. Try to look at your room in a new, fresh way. Move things around, move things from room to room. And clean behind things while you're at it, your lungs and sinuses will thank you for dusting. Create a reading nook, or a small serene place to relax in a corner. Don't have a chair, check out a consignment shop or thrift store, cover it with a sheet or slip cover.

4. Need storage for things that aren't neat and tidy? You don't just have to resort to plastic Rubbermaid bins. Look for unique solutions. Get old crates, wine boxes, baskets, jars, wire baskets, suitcases, trunks.

Do your things own you or do you own them? Take a few days, or weeks depending on how much you've collected lol, and simplify your life. You'll feel lighter without even going on a diet ;)

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