Thursday, January 26, 2012

Clothes4Souls: Buy 1, Clothe 7.

Hello loves! Hope you are all having a wonderful Thursday. Here in Mobile, we have a tornado warning and lots of rain :( Hopefully it will be clearing up soon because we are headed to New Orleans for The Kills concert at the House of Blues. Can't wait!! Anywhos, I recently found this organization that's really trying to make a difference. They are called Clothes4Souls. I know, I know you are thinking why is a clothing site promoting another clothing site. Why? Because we believe in good things, and this is a good thing.

Go to Sevenly to purchase your shirt and give clothing to those in need. 

You can also visit their sister organization. Soles4Souls. In this organization they provide shoes to those in need, you can also volunteer to go on one of their trips to the deliver shoes. I think that would be an amazing thing! I hope that one day Threadcase can partner with them. I hope that you check them out and consider buying a shirt to clothe 7 children in Bolivia.

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