Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Inspirations: Healthy Living

We are a quest to be healthy here at Threadcase! While I have to admit this has been the goal since the new year, we haven't been as dedicated as we should or want to be. We always have good intentions don't we? But so many times life gets in the way of those good intentions. Well, we've booked a vacation where swimsuits will be involved, so somehow our quest has been revitalized. Go figure huh. I've been doing a lot of research, reading a lot of books and blogs about nutrition and fitness. I thought I'd share with you some of the most interesting or helpful.

The Master's Diet
5 Factor Diet
The Cellulite Solution by Dr. Murad
Tracy Anderson's 30 day Method

Fit Bottom Girls - this blog has a lot of good info on nutrition, workouts, food, etc
BodyRock - This site ROCKS, no pun intended. I want to look like that, and I get energized every time I watch a workout video. I am personally starting the 30 Day Challenge tomorrow. Wish me luck, and many sore days!
Lauren Conrad -  7 day to skinny jeans
The Edible Perspective - So many good recipes for healthy living
Kath Eats - Registered Dietitian with some awesome recipes
Simply Gluten-Free - all gluten free recipes
Greatist - has great articles on overall healthy living, I love the eating healthy on a budget challenge.

Well, this is just a start. I hope to actually have some will power and determination to see this health challenge through, I know my body and mind will thank me. Maybe in 30 days I'll share a before and after blog ;) I'd love to hear some of your favorite healthy living tips or stories leave us a comment below! Ta-ta for now!

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