Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Year's Resolutions - Exercise

With all the uncertainty that comes with a new year, there is one thing that we can always count on happening: making new year's resolutions. And almost as sure as you can count on making resolutions every year, you can almost guarantee breaking them within the first month of the year. And of course one of the most common resolutions is also the hardest to keep up with: exercising.

I know every year that I personally set the goal of getting into better shape and pretty much have never stuck with it longer than a month or two. But this year I am really going to go for it. And if it's your goal to get into better shape, then take a look at a few of these inspirations I found on Pinterest that I really like. I hope they can help motivate you to reach your goals!

I love this one. Don't be self conscious if you are going slower than everyone else, or can't do as many reps or as much weight. It's not a competition, you are there to benefit yourself, not to out do everyone else.

The hardest part about getting in better shape is pushing yourself to do the work. Just remember that if you want the results, you have to push yourself. No else can do it for you!

This one is probably my favorite. Exercising doesn't always mean just going to the gym. Find something you enjoy. Playing tennis, run with the dog, Zumba classes, etc... You don't have to seclude yourself on the treadmill for hours to get fit. Also remember, it's not an all or nothing deal. If you miss a day or indulge in a yummy piece of cake, don't just give up. Just make sure to get back out there!

Just remember, you should be exercising to make yourself be healthier, not to reach some unrealistic super model look. People come in all shapes and sizes so make your goal to feel better physically and mentally. And be proud of your accomplishments, not bummed if your end result doesn't match what you see in the magazines. Remember, photoshop is some of these girls best friend LOL.

If you are like me and like to have some sort of a plan for exercising, here are a few workout routines/diets that I am interested in. They may not be for you, but take a look. And please leave us comments of how you work out!
5 Factor Diet
Tracy Anderson Method
Look Better Naked Diet
Abs Diet


Moon Child said...

yep, exercise is always on the list! For me is more about maintaining and feeling healthy...big yoga fan :) X

threadcase said...

Thanks Moon Child, here's to hoping we can all keep up our resolutions this year!!

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