Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Purl Bee

So just recently I have come across this A-MAZ-ING DIY blog and I am obsessed. Does that happen to you? You see how creative and beautiful they can make things and you just want to do the same? Well they have got me hook, line and sinker! If you haven't had the privilege to find them yet, you're in luck cus here they are The Purl Bee. They have so many things I want to lock myself away and create for days but first I should probably learn to sew or knit, either way a girl can dream right :)

Probably my absolute favorite..... I want all of them!

Another amazing handmade goodness...

How is it that she even makes cookies look handcrafted, not just homemade?

Super cute clutch and easy to make!

This is on the top of my must do list :)

Hope you all were inspired to create like I was, go check out the blog, it gives you the step by step on how make all of the lovely things and more! They also have a store that has all kinds of goodies available for purchase so make sure drop by!

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