Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Wild and Styled-Summer Hair

So let's just face it, there is nothing better than summer tresses. Tousled sun-kissed hair blowing in the summer breeze. Want those quintessential summer locks? How is it that we get it?

That's right the best of the summer trends are messy and glorious. Didn't wash your hair today? Great! Most of these work better with your natural oils.
The messy half braided half falling down updo is my fav! Perfect for those of us who have naturally curly hair and don't feel like straightening it in the summer heat!

 Or feel like a schoolgirl again and whip out a traditional braid, complete with a ribbon bow :)
Or add a little spice to your life and color strands of your locks to make this very cool look!
So awesome I'd love to do this to my hair! And you gotta love the fish tail braid!

Or how bout some bangs? Summer is the best time to try a new cut or style because your hair grows fastest in the summer so if you hate it you hate it for less time lol.

And probably my favorite summer hair, that I wear myself the most is the messy beach waves!
How gorgeous is this picture? Looks like worn sea glass to me. 

Hope you guys are having a wonderful summer so far, filled with picnics and beach days and lemonade. Let us know how you've been wearing your hair this summer!

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