Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Inspirations: Creative Funks and Great Words

Hello lovelies! Hope you are all having a glorious morning so far. It's finally cooling down around this area and the weather has been beautiful. Despite how beautiful it's been here, we have been in a funk. Do you ever get that way? There's really no reason for it, but yet there you sit in a daze, with no desire to do anything. That's how I've felt for days now, and partly the reason for the lack of bloggings, and for that I apologize. If you've ever experienced this kind of thing you understand. My question is how do you snap out of it? I usually like to get out of town, see some new sites, experience new things. That hasn't been an option lately, so anybody got some advice for me lol? What are some ways you guys deal with lack of drive and creativity? Sometimes inspirational words can make a difference, here's a few that I like no matter what kind of day you are having they seem to give you something to hold on to and lift your spirits.

Source: None via Threadcase on Pinterest

This last one just makes me laugh. So eloquently put by an 8 year old. Things were just so much 

simpler when we were little, weren't they.  I hope to hear from ya'll! Let me know some things you do to 

get out of your funks or what helps stir up some creative juices! 

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I absolutely love this post, and it's so true that sometimes we can lack that spark of creativity! For me?! I usually find it by treating myself to a day off. I spend the day doing the things that I love. ie, yoga class, long walk through the forest with pooch, or walking down to the ocean with camera in tow! xo veronika

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